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Three Smart Girls (1936)

Inhalt Deanna Durbin's feature film debut turned her into an international star almost overnight. A perfect mix of romance, music and comedy, THREE SMART GIRLS was a huge box office hit and was nominated for THREE Academy Award, including Best Picture. Deanna Durbin plays Penny, one of three young sisters living with their divorcee mother (Nella Walker) in Switzerland. When their father (Charles Winninger) announces he is to marry again - this time to a beautiful girl about town - their mother is heartbroken. So the three mischievous girls set off for New York with just one aim in mind - to wreck their father's forthcoming wedding plans! When they discover that their father's bride-to-be is nothing but a worthless gold-digger who only loves him for his money, the sisters decide to find her an even richer man to latch onto - with hilarious consequences! A wonderful comedy romp, made irresistible by Deanna Durbin's fresh and effervescent screen personality, THREE SMART GIRLS includes her performing; My Heart is Singing, Someone to Care for Me and Il Bacio.

Three Smart Girls

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Titelvarianten Drei süsse Mädels, Drie gewiekste meisjes, Drie handige meisjes, Drie ondeugende meisjes, Drie schattige meisjes, Flickorna gör slag i saken, Három kis angyal, Három kis ördög, Kolme ovelaa tyttöä, Los tres diablillos, Penny, Tenshi no hanazono, Tre ragazze in gamba, Tre smarte piger, Tre smarte piker, Tres diablillos, Três Pequenas do Barulho, Três Raparigas Modernas, Tri zlate deklice, Tri zlatne devojčice, Tri zlatne djevojčice, Tria moderna koritsia, Trois jeunes filles à la page, Три милые девушки EAN 5019322064886