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One Foot in Heaven (1941)

Inhalt What's wrong with the younger generation? Concerned when his son indulges in something forbidden by his faith, Methodist parson William Spence decides to witness the evildoing first hand: he goes to a movie. Fredric March portrays Spence, a man of the cloth who knows that his position means he must nimbly keep one foot in Heaven and the other on Earth. This 1941 Academy Award nominee for Best Picture agreeably maintains that balance as it details events in the itinerant lives of Spence, his family and his sometimes unruly flocks (the tale is based on Hartzell Spence's fond biography of his father).

One Foot in Heaven

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Titelvarianten Com Um Pé no Céu, Con un pie en el cielo, En bit av himlen, En las puertas del paraíso, Kappale taivasta, Mit einem Bein im Himmel, Mit einem Fuß im Himmel, Schritt in den Himmel, Un piede in paradiso, Один шаг в раю, 我が道は遠けれど EAN 0888574129378