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Memories Of Underdevelopment (1968)

Memorias del subdesarrollo

Inhalt In a newly formed society driven by collective effort, the extended solipsism engaged by Sergio (Sergio Correri - I Am Cuba) allows him a paradoxical perspective. Like Dostoevsky's Underground Man, he is an acute observer of people, in a society he is himself utterly alienated from. Through Sergio, Memories of Underdevelopment chronicles a specific historical moment: situated between the Bay of Pigs invasions of April 1961 to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Sergio's family joins the mass exodus to Miami in the wake of the revolution. Choosing to remain behind, Sergio passes his time in frivolous womanizing despite being haunted by the notion of underdevelopment : the consciousness of a wealthy man in a nation beset by poverty. Tomás Gutiérrez Alea became a shining star of Cuban cinema as a result of the commercial and critical success of Memories of Underdevelopment. Influenced by John Cassavetes and Alain Resnais, Alea fashioned a unique approach to film grammar which dissolved the lines between drama, documentary, essay and newsreel. Its legacy as a classic of world cinema is testified by its inclusion in Derek Malcolm's 100 greatest films of the 20th Century.

Memories Of Underdevelopment

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Titelvarianten Az elmaradottság emlékei, Erinnerung an die Unterentwicklung, Havannában egyedül, Historias del subdesarrollo, Inconsolable Memories, Mémoires du sous-développement, Memórias do Subdesenvolvimento, Memorie del sottosviluppo, Memories of Underdevelopment, Minnen från underutvecklingens tid, Minner fra underutviklingen, Muistoja alikehityksen ajoilta, Tei Kaihatsu no Kioku - Memorias -, Wspomnienia, Μνήμες υπανάπτυξης, Воспоминания об отсталости Suchvarianten Erinnerungen an die Unterentwicklung EAN 0711969112597