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Charly (1968)

Inhalt Mentally-challenged Charly Gordon (Cliff Robertson) fails in all his attempts to improve his IQ at night school, despite the encouragement and friendship of his teacher, Alice (Claire Bloom). After volunteering to act as guinea pig for an experimental new form of neurosurgery, Charly is transformed into a genius. He embarks on a romance with Alice, but a shocking discovery threatens his new-found success. Robertson won a Best Actor Oscar for his performance as Charly, seven years after he originally played the role in a television drama.


Format DVD Altersempfehlung ab 16 Jahren Tonspuren Englisch Untertitel keine

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Titelvarianten Charly - Virágot Algernonnak, I due mondi di Charly, Magokoro o kimi ni, Os Dois Mundos de Charly, The Two Worlds of Charly Gordon, Чaрли, Чарли Suchvarianten algernon EAN 5030697003942